Relationship breakdowns are never easy.

Whether you need to sort out your financial separation or parenting issues, you need someone you can rely on to provide professional advice and be a pillar of strength in the middle of the storm.

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Experience means wisdom. Wisdom is applied knowledge.

Knowledge is a commodity these days. You can find anything you need to know on the internet – but who’s going to tell you whether it’s true or relevant to you?


Need to visit us? Going to the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court in Parramatta? That’s where we are. Appointments are recommended to ensure that one of our family lawyers are able to see you, but whenever that’s not possible just walk-in – we’re waiting for you.


Combining empathy and experience across a range of family law matters including:

  • Divorce and separation. 
  • Property and financial settlement. 
  • Parenting matters.

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